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The Inland Empire Section meets monthly from September through May in the Spokane metropolitan area.  We have lunch meetings, normally held on the third Thursday of the month.   The Section and technical committees frequently sponsor workshops and continuing education opportunities throughout the year.  The revenue from these seminars are used to award scholarhips to college engineering students.  We have adopted two miles of Interstate 90 just west of Spokane and provide litter pick up service about three times a year. 





See the new job posting for Stevens P.U.D. - General Manager  in the JOBS Page


See the Continuing Education Page for a complete list of the Continuing Education seminars offered by ASCE - Region 8.


Visit our History and Heritage Page to see how and whien the Inland Empire Section was formed.


See our Student Funding Page for information on Money available to support the Student Chapters of Gonzaga Univeristy, Washington State University and University of Idaho.



The Pavement Committee has recently completed the "Inland Empire Asphalt Pavement Study".   Please see the white paper in the Pavement Committe Page.  Many thanks to Chris Sneider, P.E. and the Pavement Committee for doing this study.


See our "Studded Tires Resolution" in the Pavement Committee Page.



Your email address may need updated if you are not receiving email notifications for our monthly section meetings.  Please make any changes to your address on line at or contact ASCE on their toll free number at 800-548-2723/ 703-295-6300.   We download the email list from their database.  You should also followup with the Section President, Rebecca Matlock if that did not work. 


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